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The top-rated attorneys at Usher Law Group are routinely retained to strategically advise and represent clients in matrimonial, divorce and family law concerns. Our team is knowledgeable with over a decade of experience navigating the bureaucracy and procedure that exists in a large institution like Family Court. We are experienced at resolving large and complex cases in family law, by settlement and if not, by trial. At Usher Law Group, we understand the sensitive nature around family and matrimonial legal matters, and that there are times that require compromise and cooperation, and other times that require accountability and aggressive advocacy. We will do both to ensure your interests are protected and the appropriate outcome is reached.  

The difference between filing a case in New York’s Family Court alone or with an experienced attorney, is considerable. Our legal team offers individual care and commitment to each client, with the awareness that every case outcome may carry repercussions that can have far reaching consequential effects on an individual's life. This is why our family and matrimonial attorneys treat each unique situation with sensitivity and passionately advocate for our clients rights.  

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Family Law Services

Intelligent preparation and shrewd legal advice are critical for a successful end result. While the Family Court can assist you in simply filing your petition, the Family Law team at Usher Law Group can advise you appropriately and handle the filing, service and prosecution of your case, and will help you move forward with confidence

Our Family and Divorce Law legal team offers many types of family law services, including prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, contested and uncontested divorce, annulment, domestic partnerships, child custody and visitation, child support, and alimony or spousal support. Contact us to find out how we can help with your specific family law situation.

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  • I highly recommend him for all of your legal needs.

    “Michael is a very knowledgeable attorney that fights hard to get his clients the best results. I highly recommend him for all of your legal needs.”

  • I love this firm!

    “I love this firm! They handle my immigration matter so quickly and they treated me like family. Mr. usher is a wonderful lawyer. If you have any immigration problems you should go to Usher Law Group PC to get them fixed.”

  • My family and I have used Mikhail Usher to handle multiple cases for us and always pleased with the outcome

    “My family and I have used Mikhail Usher to handle multiple cases for us and always pleased with the outcome. We have used him for our immigration case, debt/ creditor issues, and a real estate closing. He was very pleasant to chat with at the consultation. Paralegals always answer the phone quickly and return call quickly as well.”

  • I highly recommend Usher Law Group to everyone for any legal need or advice

    “I highly recommend Usher Law Group to everyone for any legal need or advice. They are extremely knowledgeable, quick at filing your case and constantly follow up with you regarding any updates. I have personally used them for over a decade now for several areas including immigration, real estate and civil litigation. What sets them apart is their lead attorney, Mike is relentless in pursuing the most satisfactory resolution for your case no matter the obstacles or circumstances.”

  • What more can i ask for?

    “Best lawyer I have ever had the privilege of hiring. He know what he is doing, takes pride in his work and has very reasonable prices. What more can i ask for?”